Compared to its competitors, both metals and man-made products, lead sheet has the highest rates of recycling in Europe.

  • 100% of lead sheet used by ELSIA members is manufactured from recycled material
  • More than 95% of scrap lead is collected and recycled – no lead goes to landfill
  • At the end of its life on a building, lead sheet is easily identified and separated from the building or from demolition waste so that it can be sent for recovery. Collection is achieved  with great efficiency because of lead’s high scrap value, so nothing goes to waste, and no lead goes to landfill
  • Lead can be used and recycled any number of times to provide new material of exactly the same purity and properties as the primary metal.
  • The high rates of recycling lead means there is little need for primary material thus saving valuable natural resources.

ELSIA Factsheet: Lead-Sheet-Recycling