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Lead Sheet Goes Full Circle

This document sets out to provide a scientifically sound appraisal of the use of lead sheet in construction applications.

Research findings in the document show that lead sheet poses no risk to the environment, even when water run-off is taken into account, and does not present any risk to human beings. Providing simple hygienic precautions are observed people who handle significant quantities of lead do not expose themselves to health risks.

Low environmental impact of lead sheet on buildings

A study conducted in 2005 looked at the environmental impact of lead sheet used in the building industry. With the following conclusions:

  • There is no risk related to emissions of lead sheet into the environment. 
  • These conclusions are still valid even if it is assumed that all building roofs are disconnected from the sewer system and that the runoff enters the environment directly.

Corrosion rate of lead sheet reassessed

A study (2002-05) found that the corrosion rates previously assumed were exceeded by the actual result by some 82% at 0.89g/m²/yr. Thus the previous estimates of environmental impacts were wrongly assessed.

Alloying developments proved that the existing alloy could be enhanced by allowing higher levels of tin to be included within the alloy and that the copper should be limited to 0.05%.