Metals for Buildings

The Metals for Building Alliance (MFB) is a group of 12 metal commodities and other European associations, including ELSIA. The MFB’s goal is to promote the unique strengths and sustainability of metals products in buildings.

The MFB ensures that metals, used in construction, are properly represented in a number of EU policies and standards. The following are examples of widely used policies and standards that could affect the lead sheet sector:

  • CEN TC 350. This European Standard defines standard methods which will assess the sustainability of new and existing construction works. It is anticipated that this standard will become increasingly accepted in building design in the future.
  • Assessment Schemes.  There are a number of rating schemes which assess the sustainability of both buildings (HQE, DGNB, BREeaM, LEED, carbon footprint etc.) and products (BRE green guide, MRPI etc.).  These can have an effect on materials choice, and thus on the lead sheet industry.
  • Green Public Procurement (GPP).  This is a process whereby public authorities seek to procure goods with a reduced environmental impact throughout their life cycle when compared to goods with the same primary function that would otherwise be procured.