High rates of recycling

  • 100% of lead sheet used by ELSIA members comes from recycled material, none from primary mining sources.
  • More than 95% of lead is collected and recycled – no lead goes to landfill
  • Lead sheet can be used repeatedly without loss of performance.  

Durability and low lifetime cost

  • Lifetime of lead sheet frequently exceeds 60 years
  • Lead lasts three times longer than other man-made products
  • Durability reduces maintenance and lifetime costs

Low impacts on the environment and health

  • Lead sheet has the lowest carbon footprint of all competing roofing materials
  • Handled correctly the risks to human health in lead workers are low.
  • Research shows no environmental risk related to water run-off from lead sheet. 
  • ELSIA has a Code of Practice to ensure that high standards of product stewardship are applied to  the manufacture, distribution and installation of lead sheet products
  • Extensive and effective EU legislation covers the entire lifecycle of lead sheet.

Energy efficient

  • Lead has a lower melting point than other metals and synthetic roofing products.
  • The low melting point means the process of recycling is very energy efficient – approximately one-third of the energy needed in winning lead from its ore. 
  • Less energy equates to lower cost.