ELSIA publish new document highlighting the benefits of lead sheet

LONDON, UK (12 September 2017) – ELSIA have recently published a new report entitled “Lead Sheet – A Sustainable, Essential Product for the 21st Century”. This document highlights the key benefits of lead sheet as an essential resource in a modern and sustainable society.

The document explains the guaranteed long-term protection that lead sheet provides against the weather in construction, but also describes the importance of lead sheet use in healthcare in terms of effective protection against radiation for thousands of workers and patients in the medical, dental and veterinary sectors.

ELSIA Product Sustainability Director, Dr Alistair Davidson, said: “Lead sheet is an exceptional product that provides a unique set of benefits. Not only does it provide an attractive, effective and affordable roofing material, with a low environmental footprint, it is also one of the few products that is recycled in a complete closed-loop. Currently more than 95% of lead sheet is collected and recycled at end-of-life, which is then used to manufacture new lead sheet – a great example of the circular economy in action”.

For further information contact: Maura McDermott,, tel: +44 (0) 20 7833 8090.


Notes to editors

European Lead Sheet Industry Association is the trusted voice of the European lead sheet industry. Its members have production operations in France, Germany, Holland, Ireland, Spain and the UK. ELSIA promotes the sustainability credentials of lead sheet and highlights the benefits of lead sheet as a long-term, low maintenance construction material with low environmental impact. Its membership is committed to a Code of Practice for the responsible use of lead sheet.