New factsheets highlight the benefits of lead sheet for the circular economy in Europe

LONDON, UK (15, January 2016) – The effectiveness and longevity of lead sheet as a roofing material, together with its high recycling rate, are highlighted in two factsheets published today by the European Lead Sheet Industry Association (ELSIA).

The Lead Sheet – Uses and Benefits factsheet explains how lead sheet is an effective weatherproofing material used in the construction industry – on average lead sheet lasts three times longer than man-made roofing products and has a lower environmental footprint.

The factsheet goes on to show how lead sheet is also an essential material for use in healthcare applications as it protects against X-ray radiation for workers and patients in the medical, dental and veterinary sector, research facilities and in the nuclear industry. Lead sheet is also widely used for soundproofing, due to its ability to deaden sound waves.

In the second factsheet Lead Sheet – The most recycled roofing product further detail is provided on the product’s sustainability credentials, showing that all lead sheet is manufactured from recycled material and that more than 95% of lead sheet is collected and recycled at the end of its life.

ELSIA Technical and Sustainability Manager, Dr Alistair Davidson, said: “As Europe looks to conserve natural resources, lead sheet’s properties as a durable and fully recyclable roofing material are a great example of the circular economy in action. These factsheets will help illustrate why lead sheet should be the product of choice in construction when considering the wider environmental impact of a building.“

For further information contact: Bob Tolliday, ELSIA Communications Manager, tel: +44 (0) 20 7833 8090


Notes to editors

European Lead Sheet Industry Association is the trusted voice of the European lead sheet industry. Its members have production operations in France, Germany, Holland, Ireland, Spain and the UK. ELSIA promotes the sustainability credentials of lead sheet and highlights the benefits of lead sheet as a long-term, low maintenance construction material with low environmental impact. Its membership is committed to a Code of Practice for the responsible use of lead sheet.
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