Leaflet sets out clear guidance for installers of lead sheet on how to work safely

An informative leaflet for installers of lead sheet, just published by the European Lead Sheet Industry Association (ELSIA), sets out how lead sheet installers can work in a safe and healthy environment.

The leaflet Leadworker Safety: Keep Clean, Keep Healthy, Keep Working uses easy to understand icons to explain how to minimise the risk of exposure to lead when installing lead sheet.

Exposure to airborne lead, fume or dust can be hazardous to health either through inhaling or inadvertently ingesting particles, however by handling lead sheet correctly and observing personal hygiene guidelines the risk of exposure to harmful levels are extremely low.

Architectural lead sheet is an attractive part of the skyline in many historic European towns and cities and is also a feature in many innovative modern building designs. It is a durable product lasting more than 60 years, and has a lower environmental footprint than many alternatives.

Fitting lead sheet to buildings is a skilled job that requires the use of contractors that have sufficient training to do this effectively and safely and ELSIA recommends that lead sheet should always be installed by professional contractors.

Ben Travers, ELSIA Chairman said: “This leaflet shows in a clear way how leadworkers can take very simple measures to stay healthy while working with lead sheet. It is our intention to distribute the leaflet widely to spread this message.“

The leaflet advises leadworkers to wear the correct safety equipment, avoid eating, drinking or smoking while working with lead and sets out how to deal with work clothing at the end of each day. It also advises that workers have their blood lead levels tested at least annually if working regularly with lead.

The leaflet is available on the ELSIA website and has been published in Dutch, English, French and German and will also be available through the individual member companies of ELSIA.


ELSIA is the trusted voice of the European lead sheet industry. Its members have production operations in France, Germany, Holland, Ireland, Spain and the UK. ELSIA promotes the sustainability credentials of lead sheet and highlights the benefits of lead sheet as a long-term, low maintenance construction material with low environmental impact. Its membership is committed to a Code of Practice for the responsible use of lead sheet.

See here for a list of ELSIA members