The lead sheet industry has annual sales in excess of €200m. The EU is its biggest market.


Lead sheet has a low carbon footprint – 100% of lead sheet is made from recycled material.


Alternative construction materials are 30 – 50% more expensive than lead sheet over a 60 year period.


A traditional construction/roofing material for centuries, it is a significant and attractive part of the skyline in many historic European towns and cities

Safe Use

With correct handling, installation and disposal the health and environmental risks of using lead sheet for construction are minimal

Welcome to ELSIA

The European Lead Sheet Industry Association is the trusted voice of the industry and promotes its benefits as a long-term, low maintenance construction material.

Today’s lead sheet industry is modern and competitive, and takes a responsible approach towards its customers, its employees and the environment.

The industry has invested heavily in research and development to ensure that its products are fit for purpose, guaranteeing a long and trouble-free life, and are environmentally sound, safe to use and resource efficient.


ELSIA publish new document highlighting the benefits of lead sheet

LONDON, UK (12 September 2017) - ELSIA have recently published a new report entitled "Lead Sheet - A Sustainable, Essential Product for the 21st Century". This document highlights the key benefits of lead sheet as an essential resource in a modern and…


New factsheets highlight the benefits of lead sheet for the circular economy in Europe

LONDON, UK (15, January 2016) – The effectiveness and longevity of lead sheet as a roofing material, together with its high recycling rate, are highlighted in two factsheets published today by the European Lead Sheet Industry Association (ELSIA). The Lead Sheet –…


ELSIA sponsored Life-Cycle Assessments demonstrate the sustainability credentials of lead sheet

(15 September 2014) A ‘cradle to grave’ study of architectural lead sheet has highlighted the significant environmental benefits obtained by its extremely high recycling rates and long service life. As part of the industry’s drive to assess the environmental impact of lead…